Computer Service & Repairs

Hardware Repair
Hard drives, printers and motherboards! Oh my!  Not to worry, all of these and more can be repaired or replaced by technical staff at Bryant PC Support.  Call us for more info today!

Hardware and software installations
Upgrading hardware and software can be both tricky and time consuming.  The trained staff at Bryant PC Support will install your new hardware or software for you so you can get back to work quickly.

Laptop Repair
Your laptop is your lifeline.  It’s your office, your conference room, your training facility. When it crashes, chaos reigns. The team at Bryant PC Support can help repair this vital tool for your success.


Virus Detection & removal

Virus and Spyware Removal
Nothing is worse than discovering a virus on your computer.  Bryant PC Support can help clean your system and put a plan in place to safeguard it from future attacks.

Backup Services & Data Recovery
What’s scarier than having to restore your data from a backup copy?  Not having a backup copy to restore from.  Save yourself from sleepless nights by having a solid backup & restore plan in place.  Bryant PC Support can show you a variety of backup options available and help develop a plan that’s right for you.

What can you do if your system crashes and you don’t have a backup copy available?  Call Bryant PC Support for Data Recovery Services.  We will come to the rescue to scan and retrieve data and repair or replace your system as needed.


Equipment Consultations

Bryant PC Support offers a multitude of hardware services and support to keep your system current with latest upgrades and working at peak performance.  We also provide additional services for presentation and security purposes.

AVI – Audio/Video Setup for presentations
Hosting an upcoming conference or event?  You’ve got a great presentation but need the audio/video to be set up so you can share it?  Call Bryant PC Support to get you connected.

Computer/Laptop/Accessories Sales
When an off-the-shelf computer simply will not do, let Bryant PC Support build the perfect system for you!  From motherboard to mouse, we will assemble “your” computer.

Managed Services
Bryant PC support will remotely monitor desktop, servers, switches, etc. to ensure all equipment is running at optimum performance and address issues as needed.

Surveillance Cameras
At Bryant PC Support, we realize that your equipment, your data and your people are all very extremely valuable assets to your company.  It is very important in any business that security for all of these assets be put in place.  Bryant PC Support offers Surveillance Camera installation to help ensure greater security to your home or office.


Equipment Maintenance

Computer Tune-ups
Just as a car needs regular tune-ups to prevent problems and keep running smoothly, regular maintenance should be done on your computer system.  These tune-ups inspect the internal workings of your system to help catch any corruption before it becomes a serious issue. Bryant PC Support will perform this system maintenance for you to keep your system up-to-date and catch potential problems before they become big ones.

Troubleshooting and Repair
What’s that noise?  Not sure why that error message is popping up? Why is your computer running so slow?  Call Bryant PC Support to help troubleshoot the questions you have with computer/network system.


Computer Software

Bryant PC Support offers a variety training classes to help your staff keep their day-to-day systems running smoothly, too.  With Google Services, Microsoft Office and other hands-on classes demonstrating everything from the “Back to Basics” to the “Super Advanced”, there is bound to be a class to fit your needs.  Classes are typically held online and scheduled at least 2 weeks in advanced.  Price varies depending on the class content and venue.
Please check back often for our updated calendar of events.  If there is a certain topic you would like to be covered, please send an email to

Google Services Training
Google Services includes a multitude of options to assist individuals and businesses.  Ranging from media & mobile services, home & office and a variety of web, search and other services, Bryant PC Support provides training to illuminate the tools available to you.

Microsoft Office Training
Group training available on Microsoft Office 2010/2013 products to make your job easier.  These tools include MS Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint and offer a tremendous amount of power to the individual as well as the business user.

Other classes
Will be offered based on demand and availability.


Networking & Web Hosting

We offer web site design, hosting and more to keep your web site running safe and secure with 24/7 technical support.  When you have a question, rest assured, Support is on the Way!

Network Setup and Design
Ready to install a new network?  Let Bryant PC Support design and set up the network to meet your current and future needs.

Website design
Bryant PC Support has technical staff available to help you create or refresh the website you need to present your solutions to the world.

Web Hosting
Bryant PC Support can provide safe and secure web hosting to keep your site up and running. Contact us for details today.